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      I should be very much gratified and honoured, he said.

      He cut her short.Ill leave my husband to starve you over the port afterwards, she said.

      Quite useless, he said. What a man wants first editions for, unless theyve got some special beauty, I cant understand. I would as soon spend my money in getting postage-stamps because they are rare. But I wanted to talk to you about that poem. Whats he after? Is it some philosophy? Or is it a love poem? Or is he just a tippler?And the bedside where you had been before? asked Alice.

      I dont know what you mean by next, Grandmamma, he said. But it is quite true that I am going to be married.

      Im not sure I shall forgive you, said Alice radiantly.

      Keeling had no doubts on this subject at all, and felt sure his wife would have none. He was not in the least a snob, and to wish to be a baronet implied nothing of the kind.


      Norah paused before she answered.She met his eyes with complete frankness: there was nothing to show whether she had caught the suggestion that lurked in his speech or not.


      No; I must finish it. I thought perhaps I could go there for an hour in the middle of the morning, when you were down here. I could still get your letters done in time for the evening post. If I went there every day for an hour I could get through as much as I did on alternate evenings.All the more reason for getting home before there are two, said she.


      He knew he was being unwise in bandying stupid words with his wife. But she continued to make accusations, and his want of breeding, to use a general term, did not allow him to pass them over in the silence that he knew they deserved.We must find a wife for him, she said. I dare say we shall be able to fit him out with a wife. He seems a polite sort of young man too. I shouldnt wonder if plenty of our Bracebridge young ladies would be willing to become Mrs Silverside, or whatever the mans name is.